"Unsolved Mistery"


In May 2013, Malcolm X’s grandson, Malcolm Shabazz was killed in Mexico. The conspiracy surrounding his death is parallel to his grandfather’s assassination. Malcolm Shabazz was at a bar with a friend in Mexico City having a few alcoholic beverages, what ensued next was unclear, and a mystery. Apparently, there was a discrepancy over the tab, which Malcolm Shabazz refused to pay. Then, Shabazz’s friend went outside to search for Malcolm, when his body was discovered bruised and bloodied. Once they arrived at the hospital, Malcolm Shabazz perished. One has to ask himself, how could Malcolm X’s grandson fall victim to a violent attack in another country? Also, what was his reason for being in Mexico? Did he truly understand the legacy that his grandfather left behind?


Malcolm shabazz has endured his own trial and tribulation in his short life span, starting with the death of his grandmother Betty Shabazz. Furthermore, after an investigation of her death authorities revealed that he caused of the fire that ultimately killed his grandmother. At the age 12 years old, Malcolm Shabazz was on a self-destructive path. This counter-productive behavior eventually led him to a couple of stints in prison. In contrast to his pessimistic behavior, while incarcerated Malcolm shabazz began focusing on a spiritual connection to a higher deity. And, he made valiant efforts to critically analyzing his grandfathers’ legacy. Once released, he began coordinating speaking engagements nationally and abroad. He began to emulate his grandfathers’ revolutionary and liberal orator skills, speaking about the injustices in America projected toward minorities.


On the other hand, two individuals have been arrested for this abhorred act. The prosecution has started on Hernandez Cruz and Manuel Alejandro Perez De Jesus. They are currently being held in a Mexico City prison. These two individuals were senseless to who Malcolm Shabazz was and how epic his lineage is. Malcolm Shabazz’s death should have been national news, but was somehow suppressed from the citizens of America. A week later, after his death, "200 people attended a traditional Islamic service for 28 year old Malcolm Shabazz." "Malcolm Shabazz was buried next to his grandparents Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz at Ferncliff cemetery in Hartsdale, NY. He was surrounded his mother Quibilah; his aunts- Attallah Gamillah, Llyasah, Malaak, Malikah, other family and very close friends. Surprise guest and friend, R&B recording artist, Jaheim, offered his condolences and sang acapella "I miss you."


By Collis Marrow  August 15, 2013