The Council Magazine purpose is to keep the citizens of Newark, NJ. informed on political, social and economical issues. In addition, the magazine is a conduit for corporations and small businesses to market their product to the residents of Newark, NJ. We are the voice of the voiceless and a media outlet for the public to convey thei political views on society as a whole, Furthermore, The Council Magazine grass root beginnings will create employment from a journalistic aspect.

The Council Magazine is a creation of Collis Marrow. The views expressed here in may or may not be express views of the publication or staff. News is given on fact checking basis. The Council Magazine focuses on politics locally, globally, and nationally. We represent individuals from all classes, regardless of race, color or creed. Diversity is what makes America unique. Finally, the working class citizens have the opportunity to convey their thoughts in our democratic system, The Council Magazine is their outlet.

Collis Marrow

Editor in Chief