Assata Shakur

"The Most Wanted Terrorist"

After the Boston Massachusetts Marathon bombing, and the arrest of two Chyena suspects, racism surfaces once again in America. Joanne Chesimard A.K.A Assata Shakur became the first woman placed on the “FBI” terrorist list. These actions seemed appalling and misleading, on how an American citizen could be labeled a domestic terrorist. In addition, the circumstances of the details surrounding her affairs were a methodical conspiracy.


For instance, there is not one concrete definition of terrorism. Terrorism is defined in the code of Federal Regulation. Also, the definition of domestic terrorism is so broad, that the activities of several prominent activist campaign and organizations could be subject to the labeling. “Green Peace, Operation, Vieques Island, and “WTO” protestors and the Environmental liberation Fronts could all be investigated for domestic terrorism.”( When George H. W. Bush created the “Patriot Act” it redefined domestic terrorism. [...]


By Collis Marrow  August, 2013