"Capitalist Cuts " 


Currently, there are over 1 million citizens whom were cut off from Federal employment benefits. Republicans in the House are immobile on extending the benefits to the poor working class. In addition, “Senator Rand Paul thinks he’s doing the men and women who served this country a favor by taking away that income.” Also, the Supreme Court struck down a law that violates welfare recipient’s rights. In Florida, state officials voted on legislation to drug screen individuals receiving public assistance. Furthermore, the law took effect in July 2011 and required parents to undergo and pay for urine tests, for illegal drugs when they applied for temporary assistance.

This is harsh legislation targeting the poverty stricken citizens in the state of Florida. This bill would be disrespectful and voids Franklin D. Roosevelts “Relief Act” of 1933. With a disproportionate income inequality gap in the United States how could Florida officials attempt a cynical maneuver with drug testing welfare recipient’s. Finally, “all 48 million people receiving food stamps were affected by the slash in nutritional assistance, after the emergency assistance expired. In addition, $29 per family would no longer appear on their EBT cards will amount to about 1.5 billion meals in 2014.” 2014, ushers in a trade deficit of 40.6 billion and 7.0 unemployment rate and an income inequality ratio. How will the nation flourish when “America’s economy has doubled, but the top 10% of people have half the nation’s income. Obama said the average CEO now makes 273 times the income average worker.” The middle and lower class citizens of America are under attack by right wingers, corporations with capitalistic greed.