"A Run For Mayor" 


The Mayor of Newark, NJ decided to run for the Senate after the untimely death of Senator Frank Lautenberg. This information comes as a surprise to Newarkers. Governor Christie was in favor of holding an additional election in the month of August, to decide who would replace Mr. Lautenberg. "In addition, Bookers aid confirmed to the Star- Ledger that Booker is circulating the petitions to obtain 1,000 signatures needed to get on August’s ballot. "Also, Booker is one of three Democrats looking to enter the August primary, along with Rep. Frank Pallone and Rep. Rush Holt, who have not formally entered." (Huffington post) John Celock June 6, 2013. Furthermore, "Booker has

support more than %50 of democratic voters in the Rutgers Eagleton and Quinnipiac University surveys." Booker has the highest name recognition and that makes him the favorite. The question that we have now is how many of his voters will actually show up at his primary." Said Patrick Murray founding director of the Monmouth University Polling institute. In contrast to Corey Bookers National fame, local Newarkers do not holistically "believe the Hype". For example, Newark’s unemployment rate is approximately, 15% which is higher than the state and nearly doubles the national rate. "This rate is 5 points higher than when Corey booker took office in 2006." ( The Newark Star Ledger newspaper documented that Corey Booker spent a third of his time outside of the city of Newark. In addition, Mr. Booker increased his personal bank account with inflated speaking fees estimated at $250,000 to $500,000 the article stated."


Also, the Councilman of Newark’s Southward, stated; he feels Bookers personal ambitions exceeded his commitment to solving problems in  Newark." "The Mayors been basically a media darling and that prevented him from tackling issues," Baraka said. "Lack of jobs drives crime and other issues. Things can be done without millions or a need for rocket science. We need leadership." Finally, "on October 2012, Bloomberg news article applauded Booker for bringing $700 million in new investments into his city, including the relocation of corporations headquarters, opening new factories and erecting affordable housing.


However, all of the lucrative business acquisitions have only led to a higher unemployment rate in Newark NJ. And Mr. Booker invested the $100 million dollar donation from founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckenberg into Charter schools instead of public schools. One could argue that Mayor Corey Booker privatized Newark public schools system for capitalistic gain. In addition, many Newark residents and political officials were inquiring about how the $100 million dollar donation was distributed. Corey Booker was sued by the ACLU-NJ "for his refusal to release documents requested by a Newark Parents Group seeking details about the $100 million dollar gift given by billionaire Mark Zuckenberg."


Finally, Mayor Corey Booker has help Newark move forward from an economic standpoint by bringing investors into the city, however, the tax-paying citizens who voted for him feel deceived and betrayed. When I spoke to some locals they said; they felt segregated from their mayor’s success and media glorification.



By Collis Marrow