"President Barack Obama Re-election"

The 44th President Barack Obama will be sworn in for his second inauguration address. In addition, this event falls on the Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.’s birthday. Also, this second term for president Barack obama Symbolizes change for the financial uplifting of middle and working class Americans. And, his election proves that Americans voted for the best camdidate once again. The environment in Whashington, DC will be erratic, from the traffic flow to tourist visiting and local businesses scrambling to compound interest on the event.


However, in 2009, 1.8 million people attended the presidential inauguration, a record breaking number for any event in the nations’ capital. ( Even 

though, there are not projections of record breaking attendees in 2013. This did not stop some historians from conveying their thoughts on the presidents accomplishments. Dr. King’s achivements, and the 150 year anniversary of the "Emancipation Praclamation." First, Myrlie Evers, widow of slain NAACP Leader Medgar Evers will say a pray at the Presidential Inauguration. (


Also, Marc Antony a performer and composer will be performing at the inauguration. He stated: "We are honored and excited to have such a diverse, talented group of musical guest joining from the country to celebrate the 57th inauguration." Finally, one of the most enotional accounts was the reflection on governor George Wallace’s speech, by James Kimble an activist in 1963. James recollects on parts of the speech that stirred him up. He quoted: "We couldn’t drink, because of a sign up there, that read, "White only."


We couldn’t drink out of that. We had bathrooms the same way. it was kind of horrible." Furthermore, Wallace stated, "We invited Negroes to the city of Alabama to work with us from separate racial station... as we will work with him to develop, to grow in individual freedom enrichment." But James said he did not see any of that. All he saw was hose pipes, vicious dogs. Fifty years later, Hezekiah Jackson, President of the NAACP Birmingham chapter stated that "We are the cross roads. Meaning that African Americans have progressed and envolved in America, but despite the improvement America still has a pessimistic perspective of African Americans. In the turbulent economic times in America, citizens are culturally connected and we must overlook the biasness that separates us and focus on the attributes that unifies us.


This inauguration is projected to be astronomical. And, I am Proud to be part of this generation to witness the 44th Presidents second inauguration. This event manifests growth and madurity for the United States as a whole.

By Collis Marrow