Hillary Clinton

"Under Pressure"

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton was under intense questioning by Republicans, when asked about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi Libya. Clinton was dramatic when aswering questions, her rebuttals were sharp and crisp. And, she pounded her fist on the table a couple of times displaying aggression toward the interviewer. Rep. Jeff Duncan stated: " you let the consulate become a death trap and that is National Security malpractice."


Next, Cinton was verbally assaulted by members of the House of foreign Affairs for not being interrogated by the

Accountability Review Board. Hillary Clinton’s refute was " I was not ask to speak, I would have been happy too... if they thought I was relevant." Clinton was emotional throughout the meeting stating: " For me, this is not just matters of policy, it is personal."


In contrast to having empathy for Clintons’ humbling remorks, Republican Senator Ronald Johnson attempted to impeach the Obama Administration for misleading U.S. citizens in the Benghazi terrorist attacks. Furthermore, Ronal Johnson promoted propaganda that the administration advertised the insurrection in Benghazi which was caused by an anti-islamic video. After, senator Johnsons remarks, Clinton denounced that "4 people are dead and our job is to investigate the situation and brain storm on ideas to prevent it from manifesting again."


One of the Most interesting moments was when White House Secretary Jay Carney referred to "Secretary Clinton" as "President Clinton." Reporters began to question speculation about the 2016 presidential race. Regardless of the verbal attacks by Republicans and house members, Clinton was poised and tactful in her responses. Hilary Clinton was sorrowful and conveyed that if she was in position to prevent the attacks, she would have. In addition, she recalled, "welcoming home the flag draped caskets of US Ambassadors stevens amd other Americans killed by terrorist." Hillary Clinton did her job to the best of her ability. Her career should be taken into account before she is judged by the Right wing.


By Collis Marrow