Water Day 2013 

"How to preserve the rivers, oceans, wells and reserves" 


One must understand the importance and infinite value of the earths natural resources, specifically water. The earth’s infrastructure is 70% water and this element is detrimental to the survival of humanity. Biology explains the process of photosynthesis and how life forms need water for evolution to occur. however, there is a chronic decadence taking place in society causing the worlds water sources to become polluted and dry up. Furthermore, "World Water Day" 2013, is to inform the world to the relevancy of water and how to preserve the rivers, oceans, wells and reserves.

Corporations, polution, fracking and capital gain are a few compositions that are deterioating the earth. In the pursuit of happiness, digging for gold, diamonds oils and

gas, we are slowly causing our future generations demise.


1.2 billion of the earths inhabitants are waterless and have little access to facilities for hygienic puposes. Diarrhea is the second leading cause of death for children under five globally. Children perish more from diarhea than aids. Without clean water one can not maintain his or her hygiene. However, washing hands with soap reduces diarhea by 40%.


In Tehuacan Mexico city rainfall is decreasing, wells are drying up, due to giant factory farms draining the water reserves. The rice industry is faltering affecting food prices globally, so much that farmers were commiting contaminated life spans will be shortened.


China’s water drought is in the North, so China is building a 66 billion dollar pipeline transporting water form Southern China to Northern China. The water crisis is complex and chronic. it is slow to unravel, until water taps dry out and food withers away, we won’t understand the tragedy that humans have committed toward civilization.

Fresh water in California is becoming extinct. Jerry Browns proposal for a peripheral canal is resurrecting century old battles over water rights in California.


The word "fracking" has become very popular in the media and politics. The proper terminology is hydraulics fracturing and the definition is a form of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. when natural gas or oil is extracted from the "Fracking technicque, it produces "flow back" and produced water from the well. The excess water is stored in tanks and may be eventually released back into the ocean. Waste disposal can pollute water sources, meaning dissolved solids can reach levels 200,000 mg/L. In a study of 68 privatized drinking water wells in Pennsylvania and New York methane contamination ascended due to hydraulic fracturing.


There must be a logical, healthy and democratic approach to this life threatening situation. The public health is at stake, there must be legislation put in place to stop hydraulic fracturing. As long as the wealthy and powerful continue to place greed over morals, ethnics and humanity the ordinary people will continue to be dismal and voiceless.



By Collis Marrow