This epic piece of literature was written by a man who has loved and endured women of color for his entire existence. I have witnessed a change between the queens of the past and the queens of today. The morals, beliefs, and standards of young women today would have the sisters of the past feeling as is their legacy was achieved for no gain. As human beings we are placed on this earth to help, understand, and embrace one another. "Queens The evolution of the Black woman" gives a historical account of some resilient African American women who are the prototype of what a strong queen should immulate today. It also touches on subjects and issues that women face in America but may not share their feelings on. The manuscript is informative, and motivational for any woman having difficulties with their inner self. Corretta Scott King, Winnie Mandela, and Michelle Obama are just a few of the historians in this book whose biographies may evolutionize your current state of thinking.


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The Evolution of the Black Woman