"Addresses Recent Murders in Southward " 


The recent accumulations of murders last week caused a swift response from Newark Councilman Ras Baraka. “Baraka scheduled a press conference for 2 p.m. Sunday on North 7th street with the mother of one of the two teenagers killed Christmas night to call for a cease-fire among the city gangs.” The current murders may be retaliation for the Slicks go-go bar killings in Irvington NJ. Senseless murders have been transpiring drastically in Newark NJ. In addition, there have been approximately 100 murders this year in 2013.

These murders are taking place at the same time as New Jersey Supertinent Cami Anderson is causing war against Newark Public schools. Furthermore, Cami Anderson is strategically attempting to close Weequahic, Shabazz, and Hawthorne schools for privatization of public schools in the Southward of Newark NJ. However, “First Lady Michelle Obama highly praised Maple avenue elementary school when she visited in 2010.”Finally, there will be a huge spike in job losses amongst teachers in Newark, NJ. These antics cause disenfranchisement and turns schooling into a for profit entity.